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About the show...

​In 2012 Michael Kaminskas debuted his one-man show - IMAGINE.  The show ran completely sold-out for its extended three year run.  Following the success of the IMAGINE show, Michael  introduced  the PARLOUR TRICKS show (2017) to the same critical acclaim.  Fast forward to 2020 as Michael joins singer/songwriter Rob Creidler to present MIRACLES & MELODIES. 


More than just a magic show... Miracles and Melodies is a unique experience that combines world-class sleight-of-hand and award winning acoustic  music.  Both masters of their respective  crafts,  Michael and Rob  join forces in this unforgettable 90-minute adventure delivering an experience that is unrivaled in the entertainment industry. 


It's not uncommon for Michael's incredible jaw-dropping  magic and mind reading to elicit audible gasps from those in attendance while Rob's musical talents provide the heartstrings and whimsical moments that make this a "must see" show.


Seating is very limited to ensure that every seat is the literally the 'best seat in the house'.   Michael and Rob believe that it is this intimacy that allows them to genuinely connect with the audience making everyone a part of the show.   

We can't spoil the show by telling you exactly what surprises the night has to offer.  But, after spending the evening, even the biggest skeptics will rethink what is actually possible in a world not bound by the limitations of reality.

We will say this...

Prepare yourself to be amazed!


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